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Archon AR-320 Arm Body

Model:AR-320Body material:durable air-grade aluminumWeight:85.2gUnderwater weight:60gSize:25.1mm x 2..


Archon AR-200 Arm Body

Model:AR-200Body material:durable air-grade aluminumWeight:66.8gUnderwater weight:40gSize:25.1mm x 2..


Archon AR-150 Arm Body

Model:AR-150Body material:durable air-grade aluminumWeight:61.4gUnderwater weight:33gSize:25.1mm x25..


Archon AR-120 Arm Body

Model:AR-120Body material:durable air-grade aluminumWeight:55.4gUnderwater weight:30gSize:25.1mm x25..


Archon AR-75 Arm Body

Model:AR-75Body material:durable air-grade aluminumWeight:41.6gUnderwater weight:25gSize:25.1mm x25...


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