KDLITKER C8_2 , 1 x 18650 xhp50_2 flashlight

KDLITKER C8_2 , 1 x 18650 xhp50_2 flashlight
8 February, 2017

KDLITKER C8.2 XHP50.2 Review

Oerview :

First Look / Unboxing :

Flashlight comes in a simple brown box :

Package Contains :

- Flashlight 

- Lanyard

- Spare o-ring

- Gitd tailcap boot

- Soft cleaning cloth

Extended View :

The flashlight itself :

As you can see , it is a classic C8 styled flashlight . Here are some more photos :

It has KDLITKER logo on one side

And the C8.2 on the other

Anodizing is matt , and has a nice feel…

It’s head , with great machining and some cooling fins :

It has a little “Warning” logo on the head . I find it funny , if you think that it is on a flashlight

Notice the nice crenelated bezel too

Here we can see the SMO reflector and the nicely centered LED (xhp50.2) :

One more photo coming soon , sorry

The tube . Very smooth knurling , and nice machinng also here :

The tailcap . It has holes for lanyard and has the rubber boot “protected” (not protruding) :

Tailcap’s rubber boot :

And the tube’s threads , on the tailcap side . Anodized , well machined :

The other side has bare non-anodized threads for better electrical connection

The visible part of the pill , with the driver and it’s spring (+) :

A button top battery has a good fit , even if it seems to be protruding a lot because of the long driver’s spring (it compresses nicely)

A quick teardown :

Head , tube , tailcap :

As someone can notice , on one of the tube’s “end” (flashlight’s head side) it has only 2-3 full threads , but connection between body and tube is very solid

Switch’s spring :

And the switch assembly . It has the classic little reverse-clicky Omten switch:

Head assembly :

Pill made from brass , with the xhp50.2 on 20mm KD DTP copper board :

And with the centering ring on :

Bottom side , with the driver held by a retaining ring :

Pill accepts 20mm driver and driver installed is H1-A (CDM-B50)

Modes and driver info :

Driver is the H1-A (CDM-B50) boost driver . Here are some info :

Input Voltage: 3V – 4.2V

3 Volts is the cut-off voltage , the LVP kicks in

Output Voltage: 6V – 6.8V max.

Output Current: 2900mA – 3000mA max.

Modes: Very Lo(5%) > Lo(35%) > Med(65%) > Hi(100%) + Hidden Strobe: Double Click

Features :

1. Constant Current, No PWM

2. Low Voltage Warning: When voltage is below 3V, it will keep flashing.

3. Memory function : ( On for > 3 secs)

Notes: 1. The driver does not have battery reverse protection. Please make sure the battery is connected in the correct way (positive end on the head side) . 2. The max current from battery can be up to max. 8A, high drain battery is recommended for this driver.

Measurements :

Battery used in all measurements : Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500mAh

Amperage draw (Measured on the tail , with UT139 clamp meter) :

Very Low : 15 mA

Low : 0.365 A

Med : 1.3 A

Hi : 4.7 A

Lumens (measured in diy lightbox) :

Very Low : 9.2 lumens

Low : 240 lumens

Med : 765 lumens

Hi : 2040 lumens (Theoretical value is 2120 lumens for xhp50.2 at 3amps)

Current @ the emitter will be updated soon

Intensity on highest setting : 32.2 kcd

Beamshots section :

Here are 2 quick beamshots , more coming tomorrow !

Low :

High :

Camera shows the corona a bit more yellow than it really is…

Here are some better beamshots finally !

Control shot :

Low :

Mid :

High :

As you can see hotspot is pretty big … Output on high is impressive , 2k lumens reaching a great distance!

Runtimes :

High mode (referred as Turbo) :

A few words :

Very nice option for those who want a bright C8 , with big hotspot for less throw . Build quality is excellent , and overall it is an excellent flashlight !

Flashlight was provided by Kaidomain for review purposes . You can find this flashlight http://kaidomain.com/Led-Flashlights/kdlitker-flashlights/KDLITKER-C8_2-Cree-XHP50_2-2600-Lumens-5-Mode-LED-Flashlight-Black

Reviewer: giorgoskok @ BLF

Source: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/55636

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