LED Flashlights

High Power Outdoor LED Flashlights

Archon AR-120 Arm Body

Model:AR-120Body material:durable air-grade aluminumWeight:55.4gUnderwater weight:30gSize:25.1mm x25..


Armytek Barracuda Pro v2 XHP35 HI Warm White 1720 ..

LED light output:1720lmOTF light output:1390lmBeam distance:775mPeak Beam Intensity:160000 cdLED:Cre..


D170 Cree XHP70 4000 Lumens Stepless Adjusted Divi..

Brand:OEMModel:D170Flashlight Material:Aluminum AlloyFlashlight Color:BlackEmitter Brand/Type:CreeEm..



NiteCore F2 FLEXIBLE POWER BANKCompatible withLi-ion / IMR: 26650 / 18650 / 17670 / 18490 / 175..


Archon AR-75 Arm Body

Model:AR-75Body material:durable air-grade aluminumWeight:41.6gUnderwater weight:25gSize:25.1mm x25...


Armytek Barracuda Pro v2 XHP35 HI White 1850 lumen..

LED light output:1850 lmOTF light output:1500lmBeam distance:800mPeak Beam Intensity:160000 cdLED:Cr..


Armytek Dobermann Pro XHP35 HI White 1700 lumens 9..

LED light output:1700lmOTF light output:1400lmBeam distance:395mPeak Beam Intensity:39000 cdLED:Cree..


LusteFire DV-10 Cree XM-L2 1000 Lumens Stepless Ad..

Brand:LusteFireModel:D10Flashlight Material:Aluminum AlloyFlashlight Color:BlackEmitter Brand/Type:C..


Nitecore GP3 CRI CREE Nichia 219B LED 270 Lumens 5..

Nitecore GP3 CRI CREE Nichia 219B LED 270 Lumens 5-Mode Action Camera Light (1 x NLGP3)Max Output&nb..


NiteCore RSW1 Remote Switch

Suitable for flashlight with body of 25.4mm...


Archon Z08 Bracket

Model:Z08Body material:durable air-grade aluminumSurface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodi..


Armytek Dobermann Pro XHP35 HI Warm White 1580 lum..

LED light output:1580lmOTF light output:1300lmBeam distance:383mPeak Beam Intensity:39000 cdLED:Cree..


Hugsby E4 Cree XR-E Q5 330 Lumens 1-Mode LED Flash..

Product Specifications:Brand:HugsbyModel:E4Flashlight Material:Aluminum AlloyFlashlight Color:BlackE..


NiteCore HC33 CREE XHP35 HD LED 1800 Lumens Headla..

NiteCore HC33 CREE XHP35 HD LED 1800 Lumens Headlamp(1 x 18650 / 2 x CR123) – BlackMax Output  ..


Solarstorm D02 CREE XP-G2 White and CREE XP-E2 Red..

Product specifications:Brand:SolarstormModel:D02Flashlight Material:Aluminum AlloyBike Light Color:B..


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