KDLITKER 7135 V2 17mm 1-Cell 16-Groups Flashlight Driver

KDLITKER 7135 V2 17mm 1-Cell 16-Groups Flashlight Driver
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Product Features:

- Current regulation for all output mode (no PWM flicks even at Low mode)

- PWM frequency is 15000hz

- As low as 3mA-5mA for low output mode

- 8 x AMC7135 380ma IC, Constant regulated at 3040mA for High mode

- 1oZ copper PCB, immersion gold surface

- 17mm diamter, 1.6mm double sided PCB and less than 5mm overall height that allow to be used on most of pill

- Spring material: Brass material with silver coated with good electrical conductivity

- Spring Dimension: 4.2mm (H), Spring Wire Size: 0.7mm

- Total 16 programmable outputs (Please ref to the user manual for detail output and connections)

- Input Voltage Support: 2.6V - 4.5V

- Battery types Support: 1 x Li-ion or 3 x NiMH / alkaline

- Mode Specifications:

Hi : 100% 3040mA

Med: 35% 1064mA

Lo: 2% 5mA

AUX0: Cycle between 15Hz/6.5Hz at 2 secs

AUX1: 2Hz Blink


AUX3: Beacon

Product Specifications:

2.7V - 4.5V ( 1 x Li-ion or 3 x NiMH / Alkaline battery )

1 x AMC7135 380mA /

2 x AMC7135 760mA /

3 x AMC7135 1140mA /

4 x AMC7135 1520mA /

5 x AMC7135 1900mA /

6 x AMC7135 2280mA /

7 x AMC7135 2660mA /

8 x AMC7135 3040mA (max.)


LED Support:

Suitable for 3V LED

Cree XM-L / XM-L2 / XP-L / XP-L HI / P7 / SST50, etc. (3 x XP-E, 2 x XP-G wired in parallel)


17mm (Dia.) x 1.6mm (Thickness of PCB) x 4.8mm (including all component)
Package Content:

1 x Driver

2 x Power Cable

1 x User manual 

* GND (the outer ring - either side) must be attached to metal with thermal eproxy to heatsink. 

Optimal heatsink ensure constant regulation without thermal protection kicking -in (i.e. reducing output).

** Warranty does not cover user damage. Please make conduction test before connect to the LED.

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