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60.8mm (D) x 45.4mm (H) SMO Aluminum Reflector for..

Product Specifications:Material:Aluminum Textured / SMO ReflectorDimension:60.8mm (D) x 45.4mm (H)Em..


25mm 25 Degree LED Lens with Black Lens Holder - 1..

Product specification:..


SOT89-3 7135 Current Regulator 380ma (10 pcs)

SOT89-3 7135 Current Regulator 380maProduct Specifications:- 380 Constant Current- Input voltage: 2...


29mm 20 Degree LED Lens - 1pc

Product specification:..


Nanjg 105E AMC7135 x 8 + MCU 3040mAh 4-Group 2~5 m..

Diameter: 20mmThickness: 1.5mmThe height of spring: 10mmModes: 4 Groups1. 2 mode, Low 10% - Hight 10..


SOT89 7135 Current Regulator 350ma (10 pcs)

SOT89 7135 Current Regulator 350maProduct Specifications:- 350 Constant Current- Input voltage: 2.75..


20mm LED Lamp Pinstriped Glass Lens - 1pc

Product specification:..


16mm x 0.2mm Paper Insulation Gaskets for Cree R5 ..

Product Description: - Fit for Cree R5 - Prevents reflector and other parts from short circuiting - ..


38mm High Power LED Glass Lens with Bead Surface -..

Product specification:Outer diameter: 38mmInner diameter: 33mmHeight: 10mmEpitaxial t..


64.5mm (D) x 63.5mm (H) OP Aluminum Reflector for ..

Product Specifications:Material:Aluminum Textured / OP ReflectorDimension:64.5mm (D) x 63.5mm (H)Bot..


64.5mm (D) x 63.5mm (H) SMO Aluminum Reflector for..

Product Specifications:Material:Aluminum Textured / SMO ReflectorDimension:64.5mm (D) x 63.5mm (H)Bo..


Stator for XP-G R5 10pcs (Dia: 16mm Thick: 1mm)

Dia: 16mm Thick: 1mmColor:WhiteSuitable for XP-G R5Suitable for bottom hole 5mm XP-G ReflectorP..


65.5mm (D) x 32mm (H) SMO Aluminum Reflector for 3..

Product Specifications:Material: Aluminum Textured / SMO Reflector Dimension: 65.5mm (D) x..


65.7mm x 46mm SBT90 LED Aluminum Reflector

Product Specifications:Material:Aluminum Textured / SMO, OP Reflector(options)Dimension:65.7mm (Dia...


67mm Optical Glass LED Lamp Lens - 1pc

Product specification:Outer diameter: 67mmInner diameter: 61mmHeight: 24.5mmEpitaxial..


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