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15mm (D) x 21mm (H) Reverse Clicky Switch for LED ..

Product Specifications:Material:Body: PlasticContact: Copper (Silver Plated)Diameter:15mmHeight:21mm..


16mm (D) SK68 Flashlight Reverse Clicky Switch Mod..

Product SpecificationMaterial: Body: PlasticDiameter: 16mmHeight : 13.5mm (not includ..


17mm (D) Flashlight Reverse Clicky Switch Module

Product SpecificationMaterial: Body: PlasticContact: Copper (Silver Plated)Diameter: 17mmH..


21mm (D) x 26mm (H) Flashlight Reverse Clicky Switch ( 2pcs ) Sale
43% off
43% off

21mm (D) x 26mm (H) Flashlight Reverse Clicky Swit..

Product Specifications:Rating:1.5A 250V Dimensions:20mm (Dia.) x 1mm (Thickness of PCB)  &..


9mm(D) x 18.2mm(H) Reverse Clicky Switch (5 pcs)

Product Specification:Rating:DC 30V 1AContact Resistance:<= 200mĪ©Insulation Resistance:>= 100M..


Flashlight Reverse Clicky Switch 20mm (D) x 24mm (..

Product SpecificationMaterial: Body: PlasticContact: Copper (Silver Plated)Diameter: 20mmH..


KDLITKER 16mm Reverse Clicky Switch Module for C8...

- with Omten PBS1288 switch- Phosphor spring that is suitable for high currentProduct Specifications..


12mm (L) x 10.5mm(H) Reverse Clicky Switch (5 pcs)

Product SpecificationDimension:12mm (L) x 12mm (W) x 10.5mm (H) Weight: 2gPackage Content:..


DIY 101F LED Flashlight Clicky Switch 16mm x 11.5m..

DIY 101F LED Flashlight Clicky Switch 16mm x 11.5mmProduct Specification     Length:&..


DIY LED Flashlight Clicky Switch 12mm x 18mm for L..

Clicky Switch for LED FlashlightInner Clicky SwitchProduct Specification     Length:&..


OmTen PBS1288B 12mm(L) 8mm(W) x 8mm(H) LED Flashli..

OmTen PBS1288B LED Flashlight Clicky SwitchProduct SpecificationRating: DC30V 1AContact Resistance :..


Reverse Clicky Switch 12mm (L) x 12mm (W) - Black ..

Product SpecificationDimension:12mm(L) x 12mm(W) x 9mm(H) Weight: 2gPackage Content: ..


DIY LED Flashlight Clicky Switch 12mm x 9.2mm for ..

Clicky Switch for LED FlashlightProduct SpecificationDimension:12mm(L) x 12mm(W) x 9.2mm(H) Wei..


12mm(L) x 8mm(W) x 8.2mm(H) Reverse Clicky Switch ..

Product SpecificationDimension:12mm (L) x 8mm (W) x 8.2mm (H) Weight: 2gPackage Content:&n..


12mm Reverse Clicky Switch (5 PCS)

Product Specification:Switch Type:Reverse Clicky SwitchDimension:12mm (L) x 12mm (W) x 9.6mm (H)Weig..


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