Cleared Glass Lenses

High Quality Cleared Lenses for flashlight DIY

18.3mm (D) x 1mm (T) Cleared Glass Lens (1 pc)

Product Specifications:Material:GlassCoating:-Dimensions:18.3mm (Dia) x 1mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPack..


21.3mm (D) x 1.6mm (T) Cleared Glass Lens (1 pc)

Product Specifications:Material:GlassCoating:-Dimensions:21.3mm (Dia) x 1.6mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPa..


50mm (D) x 2mm (T) Clear Glass Lens (1 pc)

Product Specifications:Material:GlassCoating:-Dimensions:50mm (Dia) x 2mm (Thickness)Weight:5gPackag..


52.6mm (D) x 1.6mm (T) Cleared Glass Lens - 1 pc

Product Specifications:Material:GlassDimensions:52.6mm (Dia) x 1.6mm (Thickness)Weight:8gPackage Con..


52mm (D) x 2mm (T) Cleared Glass Lens (5 pcs)

Product Specifications:Material:GlassCoating:-Dimensions:52mm (Dia) x 2mm (Thickness)Weight:4gPackag..


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