Soshine S1 4 x 18650 Li-ion Battery Charger for 18650/18650/17650/18500/17500

Soshine S1 4 x 18650 Li-ion Battery Charger for 18650/18650/17650/18500/17500
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Product specifications

Quick charge 

This charger is an intelligent charger especially designed to charge rechargeable 1-4pcs 

18650/18650(protected)/17650/18500/17500 Lithium-Ion batteries

Battery Type:
AC100-24V 50/60Hz
DC12V 1800mA /DC24V 1000mA
DC car adapter:
DC out:
4.2V 1x 1000mA, 2x 1000mA, 3x 1000mA, 4x1 000mA
Charger Size (mm):
134 x 93 x 34
Package Size (mm):
140 x 112 x 92
Charger Weight (g) :
Charge+AC Adaptor+ Car Plug (g):
Charger with Package Weight (g):
Package included:

1 x Charger(S1)

1 x AC Adaptor (US/EU/AU/UK)

1 x Car plug

1 x Instruction manual


- End-of-charge voltage detection assures the safe and full charge any time

- Short-circuit protection

- Over voltage cut-off protection ------ prevents damage to your battery due to over voltage

- Complete individual channels ------- convenience; prevent batteries charge each other

- Charge Method :CC/CV -------------- charge battery fully and quickly

- Reverse polarity protection ---------- prevent damage to your battery and charger

- Time control  -------------------------   4 individual clocks, after charge 8 hour, the power cut down

- Battery reset ---------------------------- make short circuit protection battery to reset

LED indicates:

Red -Green once then Turn off -----------Stand by without battery or loose connections

Green on --------------------------------------- Charge complete

Red-Green flash------------------------------ Battery short circuit,unside

                                                                    Non-rechargeable battery

                                                                     Low voltage less than 1.8V

Using an adaptor that does not meet these specifications could damage the charger or the adaptor

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