UDL01 USB UVC Disinfection Lamp (1 pc)

UDL01 USB UVC Disinfection Lamp (1 pc)
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Product Features:

1. The Principle of Sterilization:

The use of high-energy ultraviolet light to break the double helix of DNA and RNA, so that bacteria can die or lose their ability to reproduce, and achieve sterilization.

2. Efficient Disinfection:

Close to the surface of the object, sweeping back and forth 5-10 times to eliminate most bacteria, efficient and fast.

3. Portable

The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is compact and lightweight, easy to put in pocket to carry around.

4. Premium quality

The UV lamp is adopted the selected ABS material and advanced cold cathode ultraviolet lamp beads to ensure obvious sterilization effect and great durability.

5. Wide applications 

Mainly used for disinfection and sterilization of small objects in daily life. For example, toothbrushes, lunch boxes, masks, mobile phones, bottles, towels, clothing, toilets and other small objects around you.

Product Specifications:

LED model:
UVC 265nm - 280nm + UVA 395nm - 400nm
Product Color:

Black / White


Input Voltage:DC 5V USB
Dimension:90mm (L) x 21mm (W) x 10mm (H)
Package Content:1 x UVC Disinfection Lamp


1. Never look directly into the eyes or irradiate human skin

2. Keep this product away from children

3. Keep the lamp beads clean and avoid immersion in water. Do you touch the lamp beads.

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