Flashlight LENs

15.6mm (D) x 10.5mmm (H) 15-Degree PMMA Optical Le..

Product Specifications:Material:PMMABeam Angle:15-DegreeDimension:15.6mm (Dia.) x 10.5mm (H)Weight:1..


16.5mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (T) ZWB2 UV365nm Ultraviolet..

Product Specifications:Material:GlassDimension:16.5mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPackage Con..


16mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (T) ZWB2 UV365nm Ultraviolet U..

Product Specifications:Material:GlassDimension:16mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPackage Conte..


17.5mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (T) ZWB2 UV365nm Ultraviolet..

Product Specifications:Material:GlassDimension:17.5mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPackage Con..


17mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (T) ZWB2 UV365nm Ultraviolet U..

Product Specifications:Material:GlassDimension:17mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPackage Conte..


18.3mm (D) x 1mm (T) Cleared Glass Lens (1 pc)

Product Specifications:Material:GlassCoating:-Dimensions:18.3mm (Dia) x 1mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPack..


18mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (T) ZWB2 UV365nm Ultraviolet U..

Product Specifications:Material:GlassDimension:18mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPackage Conte..


20.5mm(Dia.) x 2mm(T) ZWB2 UV365nm Ultraviolet UV ..

Product Specifications:Material:GlassDimension:20.5mm (Dia.) x 2mm (Thickness)Weight:2gPackage Conte..


21.2mm x 13.8mm Acrylic Lens ( 2 pcs )

Product Specifications:Material:Acrylic (PMMA)Beam Angle:5-Degree / 15-Degree / 30 Degree / 45-Degre..


21mm (D) x 12.8mmm (H) 10-Degree / 15-Degree PMMA ..

Product Specifications:Material:PMMABeam Angle:10-Degree / 15-Degree(options)Dimension:21mm (D) x 12..


21mm (D) x 12.8mmm (H) 45-Degree / 60-Degree PMMA ..

Product Specifications:Material:PMMABeam Angle:45-Degree / 60-Degree(options)Dimension:21mm (D) x 12..


21mm (D) x 12.8mmm (H) Sand Surface 15-Degree PMMA..

Product Specifications:Material:PMMABeam Angle:15-DegreeSurface Type:SandDimension:21mm (D) x 12.8mm..


21mm x 13mm 30-Degree / 60-Degree Acrylic Lens for..

Compatible with Cree XP-G Led EmitterMaterial:Acrylic (PMMA)Beam Angle:30 Degree / 60 Degree(Options..


23.5mm (D) x 16mmm (H) 30 / 45 / 60-Degree PMMA Op..

Product Specifications:Material:PMMABeam Angle:30-Degree / 45-Degree / 60-Degree(options)Dimension:2..


3-in-1 20.1mm (Dia.) x 8.2mm (H) Triple Optical Le..

Applications:- Reading lights(car, bus, aircraft)- Portable (flashlight, bicycle)- Mini-accent/Decor..


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