Luminus SST-25 G2 BA White 6500K SMD 3535 LED

Luminus SST-25 G2 BA White 6500K SMD 3535 LED
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- The high power cool white LEDs with typical output of 1500 lm @ 3.75 A, 85°C

- Vertical chip with high lumen density and small emitting angle, ideal for efficient optical beam shaping to achieve high intensity, narrow beam angle and long beam distance.

- Phosphor-on-chip with superior color uniformity over radiation angles, enabling excellent light quality of beam spots in directional lighting.

- Maximum Drive Current: 3.75 A

- Color Temperature: 5000K, 5700K, 6500 K

- Color Rendering Index: Min. 70 (5000K, 5700K), Typ. 70 (6500K)

- Low thermal resistance: 1.2°C/W

- ANSI-compatible chromaticity bins

- Electrically isolated thermal path

- 8 kV HBM ESD rating per ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001


- Portable Lights

- Bicycle Lights

- LED Work Lights

- Industrial Lights

(Remarks: General description from official description)

Ref: SST-25 Datasheet

Package Content: 

1 x SST-25 LED

on KDLitker DTP Copper MCPCB

Product Specifications:

SST-25 White 6500K
Base Plate Dim.:

10mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness) /

16mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness) /

20mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness)



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