DC-DC Converter Buck Module 4.5V - 40V USB Charging Board

DC-DC Converter Buck Module 4.5V - 40V USB Charging Board
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Product Specifications:

Input Voltage:
4.5V - 40V

5V 2A

Conversion Efficiency:
Switching frequency:
1.5MHz (highest) typically 1MHz
Working Temp.:-40 Degree to 85 Degree

1. Over-current

2. Over-heat

3. Short circuit

Dimension:58mm (L) x 22mm (W) x 14mm (H)
Package Content:

1 x Charging Board


After the power is turned on, the voltmeter displays, if you need to charge devices such as phone, Tablet PC, MP3, press the “output enable” button, then USB power indicator lights, USB output 5.0 V;

If you need to turn off the digital display, press the “low power” button, then enter low power standby mode and USB output shutdown.

Voltmeter calibration method:

1. When the voltage meter is displayed, press the “output enable” button for 2 seconds, then the voltmeter flashes.

2. Touch the “enable output” button, the voltage increases one unit, touch the “Low power” button, decrease one voltage reduction unit (one unit is less than 0.1v)

3. After voltage setting is completed, please press “output enable” button for 2 seconds, and then leave the output voltage calibration mode. If the power is off, the parameter setting is saved automatically.

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