JKK76 7x SFN55.2 33000 Lumens USB Type-C Rechargeable 21700 Flashlight

JKK76 7x SFN55.2 33000 Lumens USB Type-C Rechargeable 21700 Flashlight
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Product Specifications:

Flashlight Material:
Aluminum Alloy
Flashlight Color:
Emitter Brand/Type:
SFN55.2 (Made in China)
Color BIN:

White 6500K / Warm White 3000K


Total Emitters:
Battery Configurations:

3 x 21700 (without PCB)



Please don't use battery with the length exceed 71mm (L)

Switch Type:
Clicky Switch
Switch Location:
Head of the flashlight

Short Pressed: On

Long Pressed: Off

Group 1:

Lo > Med > Hi > Ultra Hi

Double Pressed: Turbo

Triple Pressed: Strobe > SOS

(with mode memory)

Group 2:

Stepless Adjusted

Double Pressed: Strobe > SOS

How to switch between two groups of mode?

Turn off the light and press for three times to exchange between two groups of mode.


Luminus SFT-40

Turbo : 33000 Lumens

Ultra Hi: 5500 Lumens

Hi: 2800 Lumens

Med: 1000 Lumens

Lo: 300 Lumens

(manufacturer rated)

(Please use with high drain battery to achieve the best performance)


Ulra-Clear Glass Lens


Aluminum Textured / OP reflector


1. Battery status indication:

Green Light: Full Power (+3.5V)

Orange Light: Medium Power (3V - 3.5V)

Red Light: Low Power (2.8V - 3V)

Red Light(flashing): Low Power (<2.8V)

2. Low voltage warning:

When voltage is < 2.8V, red battery status light keeps flashing.

When voltage is < 2.7, it shuts down.

3. Smart Thermal Management

Auto adjust the LED drop-in internal temperature. It maintains flashlight stability and achieves the high performance.

4. Over-charged / Over-Discharged protection

5. Reverse Polarity Protection

6. Waterproof IPX-6 Standard (not for diving)

7. Flashlight Switch Lock: To prevent flashlight turns on accidental.

Lock: When the flashlight is off, press 4 times to lock. The light will flash 2 times, lock successfully.

Unlock: When the flashlight is off, press for long time. The light will flash 2 times, unlock successfully. 


133mm (L) x 76mm (Dia. of Head) x 52mm (Dia. of Body)


690g (not including battery)

Package Content:

1 x JKK76 Flashlight (with package box)

1 x Charging Cable

1 x Spare O-ring

1 x Lanyard

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