Samsung LH351D Warm White 3500K High CRI80 LED (SPHWHTL3DA0EF4U0T6)

Samsung LH351D Warm White 3500K High CRI80 LED (SPHWHTL3DA0EF4U0T6)
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Product Code: SPH WH T L3 D A 0 E F4 U0 T6

Color Temp.: U (Warm White 3500K)

Voltage: F4 (2.6V)

Luminous Flux: T6

Samsung LH351D

High efficacy and high quality color rendering makes the LH351D suitable use in a broad range of applications

Features and Benefits

- Operates at a maximum current of up to 3.0 A

- Uniform light distribution under any beam angle

- 90 CRI makes it well suited for most applications

- Hot binning @ 85 Degree


- Indoor Lighting: Spotlight, Downlight

- Outdoor Lighting: Street Light, Tunnel Light, Security Light, Area Light, Stadium/Arena Light

- Industrial Lighting: High Bay Light, Low Bay Light

- Consumer Lighting: Torch Light

Product Specifications

Forward Current:
Forward Voltage:
2.7V - 3.3V
Viewing angle:
128 Degree
Operating Temperature:
- 40 Degree to 105 Degree
Storage Temperature:
- 40 Degree to 120 Degree
Junction Temperature:
150 Degree
Real thermal resistance junction/solderpoint:
2.2 K / W

Ref: Samsung LH351D Datasheet

with DTP Copper MCPCB

Product Specifications:

Samsung LH351D Warm White 3500K CRI80
Base Plate Dim.:

10mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness) /

16mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness) /

20mm (Dia.) x 1.5mm (Thickness)



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