116mm (L) x 24mm (D) LED Flashlight Host (1 pc)

116mm (L) x 24mm (D) LED Flashlight Host (1 pc)
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Product Feature:

- DIY Flashlight host. Design, Create, Build your favorite LED flashlight. 

- Suitable for 17mm driver board and 16mm LED PCB

Product Specification:

Material: Aluminum Alloy (Type III hard-anodized finish)

Color: Black

Reflector: Aluminum Textured / OP Reflector

Emitter Hole: 5mm (Dia.)

Size: 116mm (L) x 24mm (Dia. of Head) 

Weight: 66g (not include battery)

Package Content:

All components seen in the photos are included

Note: Does not include LED and Driver

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