Solarforce SC-1 Flashlight Tripod Mount

Solarforce SC-1 Flashlight Tripod Mount
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SC-1 – a new flashlight clip model presented by Solarforce to all valuable customers for fulfilling their needs of multi-angle and fixed-point illumination.

SC-1 is made of precisely molded PC plastics.  Users can fix and connect various Solarforce flashlights to different camera stands with the SC-1 and 

gain fixed illumination at nearly all directions.  The easy-to-use and convenient features of the SC-1 make it a good company to all users.


Body composed of PC plastics

Suitable for flashlights with diameter between 22 and 27mm

Compatible with nearly all camera stands available on the market


Dimensions (length x diameter): 30 x 33mm


Compatible with L2, L2m, L2n, L2T, L2P, L2T (Special Edition), M6, M9 

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