TrustFire TR-D011 3 x Cree XM-L2 U2 3-Mode 3600 Lumens Bike light + TrustFire TR-E01 4 x 18650 Power Bank

TrustFire TR-D011 3 x Cree XM-L2 U2 3-Mode 3600 Lumens Bike light + TrustFire TR-E01 4 x 18650 Power Bank
  • Brand : TrustFire
  • Product Code : S022922
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Product Specifications

Emitter Brand/Type:Cree
Emitter BIN:
XM-L2 U2
Color BIN:
Total Emitters:
Battery Configurations:
Battery pack
Voltage Input:
Switch Type:
Click / Clicky
Switch Location:
Tail cap
Mode Memory:
Mode Arrangement:Hi > Low > Strobe 

3600 lumens maximum brightness (manufactuer rated)



Coated Glass Lens

Aluminum Textured / SMO Reflector

Carrying Clip:


Carrying Strap:


Other Features:
Accessories Included:
TrustFire TR-E01 4 x 18650 Power Bank, Charger (US Plug), O-ring.

Parameters techniques for TrustFire TR-E01 Power Bank:

1.E01 is the latest multifunctional quick release portable power bank of TrustFire.

4*18650 high capacity li-ion batteries with protected PCB inside, the capacity is up to 4000mah.

2.The power bank specially designed built-in battery fast installation, unscrew the tail stainless steel screw anticlockwise,

then open and take out the built-in lithium batteries; DC output port can match our bike lights;

USB output port can be compatible with most electronic devices, such as MP3, MP4, intelligent phones,

digital cameras, tablets, etc. You can according to the different life demand,quick replacement of the

built-in battery when the electric quantity is too low,Extend life time, to meet your different demand of the life time.

3.Power bank is equipped with special adapter, the adapter rated output voltage is 8.4 V,

current 1 a. When using the adapter,The color of indicator light electric quantity

      red                               0%-85%

      orange                         85%-99%

      green                          100% or don't connect for charging

4.Power Bank DC port: discharge rated output voltage 5-8.4 V, current 1 A.

DC Port: Charging rated ipput voltage of 8.4V, Current 1A.USB port output: rated output voltage 5.0 V, current 1 A.

5.Power bank USB port led indicator lights will indicate different electric quantity in different colors when it is outputting. (no output no bright) :

  LED display color                 electric quantity

   red slow flash                     lower than 10%

   red                                  10%-50%

   blue                                 50%-100%

6.When the power bank is outputting it will detect the load intelligently.

And will appear different frequency jump flash lights according to the different load power ,

it is a normal phenomenon, please feel free to use.

7.Charging time: 7-8 hours

8.size: 40mm(L)×40mm(W)×97.5mm(H)

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