KDLITKER 7135 V4 17mm 1-Cell 16-Groups Flashlight Driver Board (1 PC)

KDLITKER 7135 V4 17mm 1-Cell 16-Groups Flashlight Driver Board (1 PC)
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Product Features:

- current regulation for all output mode (no PWM flicks even at Low mode)

- PWM frequency is 15000hz

- as low as 3mA-5mA for low output mode

- 8 x AMC7135 380ma IC, Constant regulated at 3040mA for High mode

- 1oZ copper PCB, immersion gold surface

- 17mm diamter, 1.6mm double sided PCB and less than 5mm overall height that allow to be used on most of pill

- Spring material: Brass material with silver coated with good electrical conductivity

- Spring Dimension: 4.2mm (H), Spring Wire Size: 0.7mm

- total 16 programmable outputs

  (Please ref to the user manual for detail output and connections)

- Input Voltage Support: 2.6V - 4.5V

- Battery types Support: 1 x Li-ion or 3 x NiMH / alkaline

- Mode Specifications:

Hi : 100% 3040mA

Med: 35% 1064mA

Lo: 2% 5mA

AUX0: Cycle between 15Hz/6.5Hz at 2 secs

AUX1: 2Hz Blink


AUX3: Beacon

Product Specifications:

2.7V - 4.5V ( 1 x Li-ion or 3 x NiMH / Alkaline battery )

1 x AMC7135 380mA / 

2 x AMC7135 760mA /

3 x AMC7135 1140mA /

4 x AMC7135 1520mA /

5 x AMC7135 1900mA /

6 x AMC7135 2280mA /

7 x AMC7135 2660mA /

8 x AMC7135 3040mA (max.)


LED Support:

suitable for 3V LED

Cree XM-L / XM-L2 / XP-L / XP-L HI / P7 / SST50, etc. (3 x XP-E, 2 x XP-G wired in parallel)


1. Constant Current

2. Battery reverse protection

3. Low voltage warning

When the voltage is below 2.8V, it changes to Low mode (1 ma) and flashing every 60 secs.

And the cut-off voltage is at 2.6V, LED will be turned off.

4. Memory / Non-memory function

Easily configurable by setting the output group.

17mm (Dia.) x 1.6mm (Thickness of PCB) x 4.8mm (including all component)

* GND (the outer ring - either side) must be attached to metal with thermal eproxy to heatsink. 

Optimal heatsink ensure constant regulation without thermal protection kicking -in (i.e. reducing output).

** Warranty does not cover user damage. Please make conduction test before connect to the LED.

Four new types of mode is revised in V4 version:

1. Lo Med High AUX1(2Hz Blink) AUX2(S.O.S)

2. Med High AUX1(100%) AUX1(35%)

3. AUX1(100%) AUX1(35%)

4. AUX1(100%)

Package Content:

1 x Driver Board

2 x DC Power Cable

1 x User manual 

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