Fenix AOD-L Diffuser Tip for TK40 / TK41 / TK60

Fenix AOD-L Diffuser Tip for TK40 / TK41 / TK60
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Diffuser tips can soften the light and work as a camping light, signal light, reading 

light, tent light, etc.


Durable, impact resistant and fireproof to V2 Standard

AOD-L is compatible with TK41, TK60, etc

Made of PC2805 Plastic created by bayer Material Science AG, heat-resistant, pressure-

resistant and impact-resistant 

Diffuse the light and convert your flashlight into a lantern, signaling light, reading 

light or tent light, etc

Apply to flashlights with a diameter of 63mm, such as Fenix TK40, TK41 and TK60


Net weight:26 grams

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