18650 Portable Power Source for iPhone/iPad/iPod (Black)

18650 Portable Power Source for iPhone/iPad/iPod (Black)
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Output: 5V, 900-1100mA

Input: 4.5V-5V, 1100mA(3.5 X 1.35mm DC plug-in, mini-USB port,  no-load can not exceed 5.5V) 

red light will light up when charging, green light will light up and will automatic stop charging when full charged.


1. Could exchange batteries, after changed the batteries, press the activation button can activate.

2. Output protection function. While the current exceeds the max set current, it will automatic stop 

    boosting to protect the devices.

3. USB output port has the recognition resistance for iPhone and other electric 

products. Can use the general data cable.

4. Battery electric quantity display. When the battery electric quantity is 0-30%, 

red light will light up. 

   When the battery electric quantity is 30-60%, red light and green light will light 

up. When the battery  electric quantity is more than 60%, red, green, blue three lights will light up. 

5. Change resistance R1 and R11 can change the output voltage, but every circuit can 

not be more than 5W.

6. Discharge output function: input 5V 1A can charge mobile phone and other digital devices, 

    also can charge the device that current more than 1A, such as the iPad and so on. 

Because of its output current limiting function, when devices more than 1A it will charge by 1A.. 


Two input ports can not work together!

It is better to use the same capacity and the same brand 18650 batteries.

4 batteries must be in parallel!

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