Soshine E5 2 x 18650 Power Bank DIY With Micro USB Cable --White

Soshine E5 2 x 18650 Power Bank DIY With Micro USB Cable --White
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Product specifications

Soshine LCD Power Bank External Battery 3 Slot 18650 Battery Charger Box -White

Max 10800mAh (39.96Wh)
Battery Type:
Lithium-ion 18650 3.7V (battery not included)
DC 5V 1A 
DC 5V 1A /2A
Charge Tip:
micro USB 
Self discharge :
2mAh /day
Case Material:
Weight :
68g(without battery),91g(with package)
L100.2 x W64.3 x H26.7
Package included:

1 X Powerbank 

1 X Micro-USB Charging cable


Can replace and charge for 3*18650 battery 

LCD display Capacity 

Protection: over-discharge, over-charge,over-voltage, over-current, short circuit. 

Rapid charge


1. Only suitable for 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery (3.6V/3.7V)

2. Different capacity batteries and different brands of batteries can be mixed charging

3. With and without protection of the battery can be used. power bank with protection 

settings, without the protection of battery is    recommended.

protection board of some protected battery sets the current too low, set discharge 

protection of high voltage (charge and discharge protection less than 3A). When 

discharging, the battery will protect themselves, cause cannot be used. Protection 

Board also consumes power.

4.Each battery slot is a independent channel,insert any number of batteries can be charged.

5.Place the battery

Battery (18650) has been marked positive and negative: positive and negative 

directions in accordance with the battery compartment into the 18650 battery´╝îSpring 

connect the negative pole of the battery, hardware connect the battery positive

Non-marked positive and negative battery 18650 Battery: The battery hardware 

protruding part is positive, the other side is negative

Battery is flat on both sides. Positive is the bare metal of the smaller side. 

negative is the bare metal parts of an area larger than that

Positive-negative in one direction, and cannot be used.

6.This power bank case have reverse charging protection, power bank case and batteries 

will not be damaged if insert the batteries reversed,

If all the batteries are reversed, display screen will not appear.

if only a part reversed, the display screen of corresponding slot show battery symbol 

is empty, there is no electricity, you need to remove the battery as soon as possible 

and then reinsert.

7.Backlight: insert the battery, in order to save electricity, turn off the backlight 

automatically after about 12 seconds. When the mobile power charging display backlight does not turn off.

8.When battery charging, the battery symbol 5 inside lined all displayed as has been fully charged

9.The battery is fully charged and stop charging automatically, batteries can be continue placed on power bank case.


1.Connected to charging equipment, power bank starts charging automatically, do not need to open key

2.Backlight: When the mobile power discharging display backlight does not turn off.

3.Button: long press button to turn off power, long press button again to turn on power

4.The output current is too large: When charging two devices, sometimes the LCD screen 

will continuous disconnect indication, if it is charging the phone, the phone will 

start charging frequently.  This is for 2 devices output current is too large, power 

bank case automatic protection. Just unplug the USB charging cable, charge only one 

device can be reused.

5.All the batteries reversed, power bank will not discharge. if only a part batteries 

reversed ,the display screen of corresponding slot show battery symbol is empty, and 

if other batteries placed correctly have power ,power bank will still discharge. but 

you need to remove the battery as soon as possible and then reinsert.

6.When power bank is end of discharge, it will turn off by itself, you need to charge in time.

7.Low capacity battery, even if display power or full power. When discharging, will 

cease to charge devices soon.

Batteries are fully discharged, took out the battery and on hold some time for using 

again ,LCD screen display with electricity. At this time to recharge will stop 

charging equipment soon, this is because the LCD shows voltage of battery, but not 

capacity of battery. Fully discharged battery capacity is low, so will stop charging soon

 Button: Tap to open backlight

             Long press power button to turn off ,Long press power button again to turn on

 Batteries: Only for 18650 lithium ion battery (3.7V) ,it does not support AA or AAA 

alkaline batteries (1.5V) nickel-metal hydride batteries (1.2V)and 18650 lithium iron 

phosphate battery (3.2V)

High resistance: 

when charging and discharging the battery, if the internal resistance of battery is 

high, the temperature will rise quickly and battery will be fully charged soon. it 

also will stop discharge soon when discharging, it is recommended that replace batteries


Low capacity battery will be fully charged and discharged soon , it is recommended 

that replace batteries

Battery capacity indication: 

Part of battery discharging time is very short, even marked capacity is very high.This 

is a false mark for capacity, you need to replace the battery

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